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Sportscenter 8/24/10

    What up blogger? So last night like most nights I went home then did some stuff. Well by stuff I mean drink a beer and relax my mind if you know what I am saying. So I watched a funny family guy and they usally are. After that I was watching our boy Walter Kelly on Q13 news at ten and I swiched over to ESPN to watch a little sportscenter and what do I see but Rick Reilly doing sportscenter. Wow I like Rick Reilly when he was whiteing for Sports Illistraded but he sucks on Sportscenter. Well more that matter that show Homecoming is real bad also. That show was just so cheesey I can't even eplain it. Now he is co-anchoring sportscenter and he sucks. Sorry Rick, I love your writeing and I think ESPN can find you a place on tv but sportscenter is not it. He sounds like a guy trying to do sportscenter. Also he is already a big guy in the name of sports so I am confussed why he would want this gig. Eithier way Mr.Reilly I really do like your work and your writeing but please leave sportscenter to the guys that do that and are good at it.

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08/24/2010 9:26AM
Sportscenter 8/24/10
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