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Cops 4/11/14

~~This blog is hard for me to write because how I grew up and how things have changed. I grew just assuming that cops were the good guys and if something happened then the person is in the wrong. My mind has started to change over the years about this stance because as a adult you get the real story. A man was shot dead by a cop right outside of our work for carving wood with a knife. When the cop showed up he got scared and shot and killed him, and got no jail time and got to leave the state so he could be safe. I am not here to say that being a cop is easy but on he same token we have to keep them accountable. I knew of that guy that carved wood because I used to live in the neighborhood and the cop could have taken him with out a shot. I dealt with the same drunk guys countless time's and never felt I could not handle the situation much less pull a gun. The idea that the streets are a war zone is another thing I think we are doing wrong with cops these days, they should keep the peace not look for violent contact. Police are men and women just like us who took a oath and not some superior person. I saw about the story in LA where a guy who called the cops and ran out of a door first was not only killed but three cops fired not just one. That is crazy and the other day on Cap Hill a guy with a knife was shot dead. Are you really telling me a trained police offer can't stop a guy with a knife other than shooting him dead? I just think we have to sit back at this point and have a serious conversation about the militarization of the police force in this country. I would also point out that there are mostly good men and women in the police force but some bad ones too. I don't have the answers but I do think we should all sit down and talk  

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04/11/2014 2:28PM
Cops 4/11/14
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