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St.Paddy's Day 3/19/12

    I know I often start these blogs talking about the weather but weekend was another crazy one and while it seems the whole country is seeing spring old man winter will not let us go. As a guy that has lived here for seven years I know that the rain sticks around for a while but its damn cold out there. Now on Saturday when I got up it was snowing again. Even with all this crazy weather it was still a great weekend with a lot of fun stuff to do.
    So last Thursday my Sister got into town with her boyfriend Pat. Side note Pat is also a DeMATHA guy so that's a huge plus in his corner. Anyhow I took a vacation day on Friday and we went to eat in the Space needle. It was a great afternoon and evening as I tried to show them that when the sun comes out here in Seattle it is time for sitting outside no matter what the temperature is. Having people in town is a reason to go up in the needle and I always forget unless I go up to the top just how cool it is and since it was Friday it was nice outside to boot. Saturday was going to be huge day number one because the Sounders FC had the first regular season game at home and it was St.Paddy's day. People love to get drunk on St.Paddy's day and that is a known fact. My Sister cooked some corned beef that was very good and they we hit some bars in the afternoon. As we walked from Belltown down to stadium areas I saw a bunch of drunk people having a grand old time. I saw a lot of green and rave green. The game was great as the Sounders took the game by a 3-1 victory. After the game we all went home and feel asleep quickly if you know what I am saying and I think you do. So I hope your weekend was good as well and stay warm since it is cold outside still.

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03/19/2012 2:04PM
St.Paddy's Day 3/19/12
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