SHOW # 2317 FEBRUARY 5 2016


Ever have one of 'those' days? You know how it goes; you get out of bed to start your day and everything just kinda goes off the rails for no good reason. You stub your toe, your shower goes cold just as you've lathered up, you spill coffee on your lap, get splashed by passing traffic, trapped on the elevator with a smelly person, hit your funny bone, bite your tongue, sneeze with food in your mouth... and you haven't even had lunch yet.

Well, stop feeling sorry for yourself, Maggot... happens to all of us.

You COULD be this guy in Melbourne, Australia. He lost his wife. Five days later he has a memorial service at his home. Plenty of mourners came by to give their respects, but after the last one left, a surprise guest showed up... his wife.

You'd think that her husband would be ELATED to see her, but it was pretty awkward because he'd paid two hit men to kill her.

You can see how sh*t got weird, right?

Well, he inspired today's question: WHEN WERE YOU HOPING FOR A BETTER REACTION?
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Steve Migs Blog 02/05/16 "Panthers or Broncos?"

Up until now I was 100% rooting for the Broncos this Sunday – many of my buds are Broncos fans, and if the Hawks aren't in the game I will pick the team that most of my buds are a fan of. I'm a good friend like that. However…. HOWEVER… I watched Craig Gass's video he just put out of him at Super Bowl Media Week…and I have to say, if I was picking the team I want to hang out with the most… I would have to go with the Panthers. Both teams seem to have good dudes on it, but the Panthers players seemed to be having a lot of fun with Craig. Plus, I love the Creed moment! Check it out:

Speaking of football… did you see Marshawn Lynch yesterday? He was a part of 2 different things that were funny for different reasons… first off… he was featured on Conan. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR… Conan did a fun bit with a couple players in the Super Bowl. Last year it was Beast Mode and Gronk… this time Conan had the Denver Broncos' Von Miller & the Carolina Panthers' Josh Norman play Doom. They had a surprise guest…Marshawn Lynch!

Marshawn was also making news for addressing the rumors that he is retiring. A TMZ guy asked him, and his answer was priceless.

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BJ'S BLOG 02/04/16 "Double Dipping DANGER"

This is a serious Super Bowl Weekend Warning, friends. I know your first instinct will probably be laughter, and I can't blame you…but I want to stress that this isn't actually a joke!

When a city's team is in the Super Bowl on a given year, more people in that city die from the flu that year. So, that's a deadly flu epidemic in two different cities every year. The same is NOT true of the city that hosts the actual game.

People who are staying at home and hosting small gatherings are at the highest risk, and it all comes down to double dipping your chips in the dip. Again, this isn't a joke! Frequent hand washing and a "no double dipping" sign are recommended as preventive measures.

Personally, I like to break a chip in half, and dip each half independently. There's also the "flip" method, which is where you dip one end of the chip, and then flip it around to dip the side that hasn't yet touched your mouth. Neither of these methods has proven to be very popular in mixed company. Trust me, I'm speaking from firsthand experience.

What do you think, Rock-A-Holics? Is this a real health scare, or are we just being scared into getting flu shots each year? I'd love to know how you feel about this, but please, put on this surgical mask first…
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Steve Migs Blog 02/04/16 "Jerry Rice - Lyft Driver!"

So this is how Steve doesn't get work done. It's all You Tube's fault. Yes, once again I fell into that worm hole of watching the suggested videos after watching something.

Today's example… I came across this hilarious video featuring Seahawks legend, Jerry Rice. I know, I know… Jerry was barely a Seahawk, but it's still funny that we can reference him as a Hawk.

Most remember Jerry from his time of being one of the all-time greats, playing for the San Francisco 49'ers. Well the ride app Lyft had him pose as a driver in San Francisco, and mess with the passengers. When he starts dancing with people, I was laughing out loud. Jerry seems like one cool dude!

So I then see that Lyft has done this before… they once did it with Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant.

I then come across one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. A bit that Conan did where he shared a Lyft car with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. I was in tears watching this.

The idea of celebrities going "undercover" is always fun to watch… and being a hockey fan, I had to click on this video and watch it. It's Ryan Kesler of the Ducks going "undercover"…

Finally… this is a video I have shared before, but it popped up while watching the Kevin Hart and Conan clip… I love this video because I have been on this roller coaster, and I love it. Here is Kevin Hart on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

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The "Hot Sauce Section"

Is anyone else obsessed with having a miriad of hot sauces available at any given time? I put hot sauce on almost EVERYTHING. Pizza, tacos, breakfast, BBQ... But I require a different hot sauce for almost every dish! Here's a list of my favorites, and you'll find them all in my "hot sauce section" in the fridge:

Uli's Curry Ketchup
Blair's Jalapeno Death Sauce
Frank's Red Hot Sauce
Tabasco (red)
Tabasco (green)
Trappey's Louisiana Hot Sauce

What am I missing?! If you can think of a hot sauce that would round out my collection, send me an email! I'm always looking to add new spices and flavors and tear up my stomach lining a little more!

Happy Adventuring,

Taryn Daly
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SHOW # 2315 FEBRUARY 3 2016


A woman in New Jersey recently found a living, 3- inch lizard in her bag of organic spinach. I felt HORRIBLE for the lizard... spinach is disgusting. Anyway, she found it, and instead of freaking out and suing (as we LOOOOOVE to do in this country) she gave the lizard (named Green Fruit Loop... seriously) to her daughter and now Green Fruit Loop is the mascot of the kindergarten class.

That led to today's question: HETHER YOU MENAT TO OR NOT, WHAT DID YOU BITE INTO?

Look, I'm just gonna cut to the quick on this one; the most vile thing we heard today involved a guy who "didn't back down". So much so, that when he was challenged to eat a piece of corn out of HIS OWN TURD, he obliged.

That is all.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"
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ACDC Rock the Tacoma Dome Once Again

For over 3 of ACDC's 4 decades I've seen them live in concert a few times. The first one was in this same Tacoma Dome 1983. Who could forget that show? Ft. Lewis soldier sneaks in rocket flares by hiding them them up his girlfriends dress and during the show lites them off right into the dome's wooden roof during "This House Is On Fire"! The 3x4 foot hole burned in roof was fixed in time for the next nights Neil Diamond show. He obviously had a lesser of greater fates.

Here we are decades later in 2016 and ACDC is bigger than ever! Angus might be a little slower, but he's 60 years old and still runs circles around musicians today in their 20s! In a nearly talk style, Brian Johnson can somehow miraculously hold some tune still at 68 and with the way he sings with the razor blade grit style I'm surprised he's still at it. I'm not gonna lie, it was a little difficult to handle at times, but you know what, there was NO backtracking NO autotune just plug in a play! RESPECT! Both Young and Johnson were all over the stage in a display that defineds logic! Still complete entertainers!!

Blazing through a killer set that included: Rock or Bust, Shoot to Thrill, Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be, Back in Black, Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder(1st time live), Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,Thunderstruck, High Voltage, Rock 'n' Roll Train, Hells Bells, Given the Dog a Bone (1st time live since 1980),Sin City, You Shook Me All Night Long, Shot Down in Flames, Have a Drink on Me, T.N.T., Whole Lotta Rosie, Let There Be Rock, Encore: Highway to Hell & For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) the fans loved every minute of it.

Lets not forget this tour was to back up the great new ACDC album Rock or Bust.{BUY}

Overall I'd say get out and see ACDC now if you never have. Age is catching up on all our rock heroes and who knows how much longer the rockers from down under can march on. We're seeing the end of arena rock as we know it in today's music business. For show photos please visit [Click Here] or at my Facebook concert photography page Savoia Photography Live for complete album [Click Here]

"Iron Mike Savoia

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BJ'S BLOG 02/03/16 "Pulling Over A Cop"

Here's something for the Rock-A-Holics with an interest in law enforcement…

I'm sure a lot of people find it annoying when they're pulled over for speeding, and later see a police officer cruising down the highway at 90 MPH, with no emergency in sight.

Well, a Miami woman recently pulled over a speeding police officer for speeding. She gave him a lecture, and recorded the whole thing on her phone. To his credit, the cop took it in stride, probably because he knew she was right. He didn't exactly admit it, but he did apologize, and even offered his name and badge number. The woman refused that information, but she did give him a long speech that would be played off the stage at the Oscars for length.

I admire the accountability on display here, and kudos to the woman for tackling this without devolving into complete stupidity. Granted, she was probably pushing a little too hard for attention, but at least she didn't flip out. We're still struggling with the citizen-police dynamic in this country, but interactions like this give me a tiny bit of hope.

Your thoughts are welcome, as always…
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Steve Migs Blog 02/03/16 "Rules On Contacting BJ"

BJ has the strangest rules sometimes. It's really impossible to keep up with all the odd stipulations that he has in life. This morning BJ was in a mood because someone didn't follow one of his rules when it comes to his phone/contacting him. The problem is that these rules that he has concocted are nowhere to be found as a reference. So I decided to help out BJ, and I am posting BJ's Contact rules.

Please refer to this if you are planning on reaching BJ.

When do you email BJ? You email him for stuff that doesn't need attention right away. You also email BJ when it's business related.

Facebook & Twitter: You use these when you want to say, as BJ stated, "What's up". This is the form of communication you use if you want to send him "dumb cat memes", etc.

Text: You only text BJ if you need an answer to something immediately. Otherwise Email him.

Call: You only call BJ if it is an emergency.

Facetime: If you aren't BJ's wife, you do not Facetime him. He expects that the person on the other line is naked…otherwise why would you Facetime him? Hence, why only his wife can do this.

I thought it was ridiculous hearing BJ list these rules on air…it's even more ridiculous to type them out.

What set him off was that someone used the Facebook "Call" feature where you can call someone through Facebook without knowing their number. I had to test it out this morning….

Today we found out that The Real BJ Shea doesn't like it when someone calls him via Facebook, so naturally we did just that... - Steve Migs

Posted by KISW 99.9 "The Rock" on Wednesday, February 3, 2016
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SHOW # 2314 FEBRUARY 2 2016


Everyone's familiar with Bradley Cooper and, if you're familiar with our feelings toward him, you know that we hate the guy. It's nothing personal and he's never done anything to us, but he's the kind of guy that makes the REST of us guys look bad. He's good looking, incredibly successful, won an Oscar, can speak fluent French AND he dates super models. Well, he dated super models up until recently. He broke up with "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit model Irina Shayk... because she didn't get along with his mother. Wouldn't be a big deal except that Bradly Cooper LIVES with his mother. Not only does he CURRENTLY live with her, but he's ALWAYS lived with her. He's 41- years- old. Yea, suddenly us guys don't look so bad. I can't fathom living with my parents, but Bradley, well, he's different. We know that everyone's living situation is different so today we asked: WHAT SHOCKED YOU ABOUT THE WAY SOMEONE ELSE LIVED?

We heard plenty of stories of hoarders and bad roommates, but the overwhelming 'shocking' thing that resonated with most people were the folks that collect cats.

It seems to be (almost) universally accepted that any individual who owns more than three cats (ONE CAT) is probably nuttier than a squirrel turd. I don't why that is (I do) but there's something about people who choose to own multitudes of these things that just rings crazy.

I used to have a cat. I didn't want the cat. I inherited the cat after a break- up (which makes no sense) and me and this son- of- a- bitch enjoyed six years together... six good years... yea, I learned to love the carnivorous ninja... but the idea of owning more than one is absolutely f**king crazy.

OK bitches, I'm outta here.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"
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