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Streakers 10/21/11

    What up blogger? So last night I am watching college football on TV switching back and forth between that and the MLB playoffs. Oh yeah the Cards choked last and Ithink taking out the closer was a mistake. So anyhow I am watching the the UCLA VS Arizona game and out of nowhere a guy dressed as a ref runs onto the field and blows a whistleand stops the play. Now at first I thought that was funny but then the game breaks into a big ass fight. A few players started jawing at each other and usually the refs break it up but they were watching the streaking so the fights start and with that the benches clear. Now you got a all out brawl going on and guys throwing punches. Here is my problem is that I thought the streaker was funny at first but then it was his fault that the fight happened. I know that was not his intent but this is a good reason to stay off the field. Leave the playing surface to the players.

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10/21/2011 9:36AM
Streakers 10/21/11
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