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Stuff 6/18/10

    What up blogger? So you might be sitting at home right now sayin to yourself what in the hell is this blog about today. I mean all I put in the title was stuff. Well thats what this blog today is about. Sure it is a tv blog but what can I tell you people, about all I have been watching in the last week has been sports. First off the freakin world cup started and the Lakers and Cetics have gone to  a 7th game in the NBA finals. Oh yeah and the NHL finals just ended and the US open is starting today so all I can do is tell you what I have been doing. I have been gettting up at 7 to watch the world cup early game. Then I have been checking the NBA finals. After that I just watch the useal shows that I watch like Seinfeld and Tosh.O. Last night I watched a re-run of Reno 911 and it was awesome. It is always a weird part of the night when you have to decide who is going to hang out with that night. By who is going to hang out with you I mean who on TV is going to hang out with me since I live alone. Living alone is great because their is never a question on what I will watch or who gets the prime spot on the couch. I get to choose and I get the spot on the couch I want. Anyhow I am off tomorrow for the world cup and some EARLY morning beer drinking. GO USA

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06/17/2010 2:32PM
Stuff 6/18/10
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