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Stuff That Shreds: Mastodon Blows My Mind And The Body Wrecks My Ears

Hot damn! It’s been a solid past few weeks for metal. There are a slew of righteous releases and a few clutch shows you seriously need to know about.

First, allow me to put a little something on your radar of heaviness. This past Sunday, I was wondering around my neighborhood, looking for some booze and burgers to shove down my throat, when I ran across an extremely loud noise by way of guitar amplification – a truly beautiful tone that can only be described as testicle-crushing. Sonic fury in its purest form. I soon found out that this ear-torturing audio onslaught was brought forth by a band that wasn’t even on my radar.

Rhode Island sludge duo The Body completely wrecked the ears of anyone lucky enough to be on or around the dance floor at the Comet that night. When all I saw was a guitar player and a drummer, I was a little skeptical, but when that dude started riffing, all doubts were dismissed. The addition of occasional electronic audio samples might be a bit strange at first, but even the most truly traditional minded metal head would be impressed by the howl that the vocalist possesses, as he barks his lyrics without the help of a microphone, belting, at times, even louder than the ear piercing distortion of his guitar.

Got 14 minutes to spare? Jam it, brah.

If you’re trying to experience something equally as mind-blowing, or y’know, “testicle-crushing”, there are a slew of opportunities to do so for free. This weekend on the show, we have a ton of tickets to throw your way. We’re kicking down the promotions closet door and ransacking the office, grabbing all the golden tickets to brutality that we can find. (Not actually true, but it’s fun to imagine things, right?)

Here’s what we’re tossing out this week:
Agalloch w/ Atriarch, Sedan
Saturday October 8th at El Corazon

Death Angel w/ Chokeout, Ground Level, Vetigo, Watchers Eye, Royalty In Ruins
Saturday October 8th at Studio Seven

Enslaved w/ Alcest, Junius, Christian Mistress
Tuesday October 11th at El Corazon

Decapitated w/ Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Funeral Age, Blood & Thunder, Triosis
Friday October 14th at Studio Seven

Opeth w/ Katatonia
Saturday October 15th at Showbox SoDo

Out of all the bands I just listed, I think I’m the most stoked to see Alcest, Agalloch and Opeth. Being that they’re a pretty underground French melodic-black metal band, Alcest never tours the U.S., and well, Agalloch and Opeth are just downright amazing. While certainly not as metal as many of their past releases, the new Opeth album, “Heritage” contains just as much music wizardry. At this point, we should expect nothing less of Mr. Akerfeldt.

As I type this blog of miscellaneous awesomeness, I’m giving my first real, true, listen to the new Mastodon album, “The Hunter.” My first thoughts: they’ve come a long way from the band my friend described as “Rush meets Metallica” back when their first full length, Remission, was blasting on my CD walkman (Pre-IPod, yo). Sure, they might not be as heavy or as hard, but anyone with an ear for melody and a taste for mind-bending art can find something meaty within “The Hunter” to chew on.

I had listened to a select few tracks from the album a ton, most notably “Curl Of The Burl” – the Queens Of The Stone Age-ish single you’ve probably heard a couple times during the daytime on the Rock. But this is an album, a start to finish ALBUM, not a smattering of singles thrown together in the studio, no, this, my friends is a beast of a thing to try and describe, so why even try? Other than the fact that it’s my job, I just want you to know how rad this new record is. It rules. Got it?

A handful of solid metal releases hit record store shelves and online digital sales ports. This weekend, expect to hear brand new stuff by the aforementioned Southern beasts, Mastodon, along with tracks off the newest albums by Machine Head, Anathema, Brutal Truth, Warbringer and Landmine Marathon. Additionally, we will be debuting a new track from Little Rock sludge-lords Rwake. You might be wondering how the hell you would say a word like that? Them there letters don’t usually go together, amirite? Turns out the R is silent…so it’s just Wake. Rad. My name is now RKevin. Pronounced Kevin. Join the (R)evolution. Here’s a taste of what you’ll hear on the show, the 11-minute epic “It Was Beautiful, But Now It’s Sour” from their third LP, “Rest.” I think it’s about milk.

Oh, and that Metallica/Lou Reed song…yeah…that’s gonna have to grow on me. Might take a while.

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09/28/2011 10:23PM
Stuff That Shreds: Mastodon Blows My Mind And The Body Wrecks My Ears
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