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Stuff That Shreds: Wolves rock basements, Enslaved get their Led Out

I know I've said it before, but the Northwest truly does have one of the most unique music scenes in the world. Maybe it's the isolation of this area that keeps it so fresh and interesting, untamed and unaffected by the trends elsewhere in the U.S.

Where else do you get to see a jaw-droppingly epic local black metal band like Wolves In The Throne Room play inside of a run-down attic on top of a dive bar. Only in Tacoma! So that's how I started off last week, and a triumphant way to start it was. Here's a few words I used to describe said awesomeness for The Stranger.

Large ornate paintings depicting wolves, trees and webs (along with indiscernible black metal script) hung above the heads of the crowd as smoke from bundles of burning sage billowed into the attic, signaling the beginning. The overhead lights were lowered as candles were lit.

For 45 minutes, this Cascadian crew captured the full attention of the couple hundred lucky enough to be packed into this dingy attic. As they soared through 7-to-12 minute songs from their newest album, "Celestial Lineage," I couldn't help but notice how perfect, yet immense the sound was inside this otherwise echo-y room, a true achievement for a D.I.Y show inside a space that has never and will never be booked again.

I left completely satisfied. The mood Wolves In The Throne room captured before they even started playing was gorgeous, but the music raised the event from average concert level to sheer performance art level, as they shredded, sulked, and truly captivated the minds and ears of all in attendance.

Here's a semi-decent cell phone pic I took of the epic-ness...

As if that wasn't enough, the frosty black metal adventues continued on through the weekend, as I got to see the first 15 minutes of Portland folk/black metallers Agalloch's set at El Corazon last Saturday, before heading up to go rock the airwaves on the show. If it wasn't such a pleasure to help y'all enjoy your Saturday nights with 3 hours of metal, it might be a huge bummer to leave all these shows, but in the end, it's the best gig you could leave for. So if you ever see Ian and I bouncing out the venue midway through the headliner on a Saturday, just know that we have a duty to attend to, to blast brutal jams for all those who couldn't be there that night.

Then, to top everything off with a little Nortwegian flare, Enslaved played a killer headlining gig on Tuesday at El Corazon, spicing up their playlist with old gems from the "Frost Era" alongside some mind-bending songs off their 2010 release, "Aioma Ethica Odini." They even got their Led out, jamming on an "Immigrant Song" cover that had evil written all over it. Jimmy Page should be proud.

The pain train keeps-a-rollin' as we have some brutal death metal to wrap our minds around this Friday night at Studio Seven. Decrepit Birth rules. Decapitated rules. Fleshgod Apocalypse rules. Oh, and they're all playing a show together? And local face-crushers Funeral Age is opening? You'd be an idiot for missing this one. So don't do that. Headbang with us Friday night to the most brutal show of the fall!

Then, to calm everyone down off the energy-drink-like sugar high that was passed to us by way of double kick pedal destruction, Opeth and Katatonia will be playing Saturday night at Showbox SoDo. Dammmmmn, son. GET YOUR PULL!

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10/13/2011 8:30AM
Stuff That Shreds: Wolves rock basements, Enslaved get their Led Out
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