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Summer Food 7/24/13

    It has been a awesome summer so far here in Seattle and the Northwest in general. I got to thinking about how some foods just seem more summer then others. Miles has been on a huge kick about corn lately and how he loves corn and thinks this is the best year ever for Corn. I just think when it gets a little warming you tend to eat different things and not others. More people I bet eat salads that generally don't since this weather says hey lets have something light. I love chicken and waffles but watching people eat that in the sun at a bar made me a little sick. Pizza is another one I love but if my place is hot I tend not to go pizza. Grilling, now grilling can be done and should be done all year around but man in the summertime it just feels right. Burgers also great summertime food, I bet maybe you have even had a smoothie that you don't usually have. When is the last time you sat around in December and said I wonder if this party will have cole slaw? You haven't because it's a summer food. So enjoy the weather and the food. We will be back to fall food soon enough

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07/24/2013 2:23PM
Summer Food 7/24/13
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