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Summer in the City 7/9/14

    So summer is here and so is the great weather as well. The funny thing is in Seattle I feel like we do a good job of bitching when the weather is not good and then in time we start to bitch about the heat.  Let me start by saying I love summer but I am going to do some complaining. When I got home last night around ten my house was hot. I live on the sixth floor of a building in a one bedroom condo. I am not sure if it is from being on the sixth floor or from the fact my place faces west but in the evening and night it is warm in that sucka. Now what do you do when you get home and it is just hot and sticky in your place? I myself go straight to mesh shorts and t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. I basically go home and turn into Larry the Cable guy. One thing that has changed for me in the last year though is this summer I have a portable Air-conditioning unit in my bedroom so it is nice and cool when I sleep. Shout out to STP for the hook up on that air-conditioner. I also like being outside but when it comes to eating outside in the sunlight I am not for that. I don't mind eating outside but eating in the sunlight is just not fun in my book. I will have some drinks with you sure but if you to grab some food lets go inside honey. Now he is the deal though with all that bitching I just did I still love summer in Seattle and hope it last for months. Get out there and enjoy life

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07/09/2014 2:06PM
Summer in the City 7/9/14
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