Thee Ted Smith


Sun 7/8/10

    What up blogger? How you been and how you feeling. I would hope that you are feeling good these days as the SUN is back. I do a Saturday in the fall a lot. Cool crisp air and college football games. Now with that said everytime the sun comes back I relize that I have missed you dear freind of mine. I really have been enjoying the sun so I have not been watching to much of the tube the last couple of nights. Last night my buddy Justin and I just played soccer in the ally behide my house for a while. Thats the other thing weather it's is a soccer ball or a football or a baseball it's just more fun to play ball in the sun. Swimming is fun but swiming in the sun is a lot more fun. I guess the point I am getting to hear today is get out there and soak it up bitches

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07/08/2010 2:17PM
Sun 7/8/10
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