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Sun and fun 5/10/12

    I have been all about the sun in the last week. First off I went to Southern California which I will be calling SoCal the rest of the blog because I don't want to type the whole word every time. So I am down in SoCal and it was awesome. I really liked it down there and at some point will be living there. I was not in LA so I can't say I like LA but Dana Point and San Clemente are awesome. Oh I also hit up Laguna Beach on day and it was beautiful. Pricy but damn nice and I liked the vibe down there as well. I am sure this is pissing off everyone here in Seattle since everyone seems to hate people from SoCal but I got you guys from the south.


    Now I come to Seattle on Sunday and its sunny and warm. When I was down in SoCal I relized I might like the sun more than I let on. I was so happy to be sitting in the sun down there and now the sun has come back up north with me. Yes Seattle please thank me for the sun. If fact it is so nice outside why am I sitting here writing a blog? You know this blog is about sun and fun so I am going to fire up the grill at my house and enjoy soak up some rays bah. As always you can get at me off hours @TheeTedSmith on Twitter

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05/10/2012 6:27PM
Sun and fun 5/10/12
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