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Sunshine and Seattle 5/13/14

    So today I am writing about this awesome weather because I always bring up the weather. What a great weekend I had last weekend for a Seattle person. As a transplant to this great city you have different times when you think you are becoming a Seattleite and sometimes it is just clear you are. So I was on The 206 last Saturday night after Saturday Night Live and from the time I got here everyone told me about Almost Live so it was a honor to work with those guys and Ken Jennings. Saturday was also a great day because I went to Puyallup to see my buddies kid and it was the first time I really drove around the south end and saw the commute a lot of people make everyday into Seattle. I also went to a party with some friends and had a great time and did what Seattle people do, had coffee and a little green. Being part of a community is awesome and I love the fact everyone is welcoming to me. Last night as I was cooking dinner and listening to a local band from Tacoma that I was realized I was a Seattleite and was happy about it. When I go home I stick out more and more but some of the reason I stick out are good things. Some people back home might take shots but I am learning from people and making changes for the better. One thing that always makes me feel good is the warm weather and the sun out because people in this city are sun worshipers when we see it. I now am at the point in my life where I like to walk in the sunny side of the street. I will say though I am still not a big fan of eating outside in the sun, drinking sure but eating not so much. Not to sure at this point where this blog is going but I know where I am going after work and that is for a walk in this sunshine. Fire up the grill and get outside in some sun my friends.

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05/13/2014 4:41PM
Sunshine and Seattle 5/13/14
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