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Sunshine and crabs 4/19/11

    Word up blogger? First off I don't have crabs so I just want to put that out there, I am talking about crabs you catch in pots. Anyhow the sun made a huge return today and has been shineing all day. It really is crazy how much of a better mood people are in when the sun is out and its makes some songs ok to listen to again. I am saying some songs just sound odd in the rainy winter weather. I have come to relize as i am sitting here blogging that i blog about weather a lot. I like weather and I like Walter Kelly. He is a great combo of looks, good personality and weather knowhow. He is a great guy if you ever get to hang with him. Also I wanted to remind you that a new Deadliest catch is on tonight. If your into sports ravily's check out Baca vs Real Madrid tommorrow. It might be the biggest rivaly in pro-sports. Shout-out to Fox Sports

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04/19/2011 2:11PM
Sunshine and crabs 4/19/11
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