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Super Bowl fun 2/4/14

    Sunday was the day the city had been waiting for and it was better then people could even imagine. It was a blow out and granted I was kind of drunk but it never really seemed to be much of a question who was going to win that game. The Seahawks dominated from the jumped helped out by a bad Denver mistake to make it a quick two to nothing lead. By the way that was good use of the word two and too suckas.  I watched the game with a good sized group of people and it was a already a party in full swing when I got there but after the start of the second half it was on. People were so happy and nice the whole day. It was really one of the coolest things I have ever been a part of being in Seattle the last couple of weeks. I have never seen people so excited and everyone was into showing love to Seattle if you have ever lived here. I was a little shocked how it appeared the whole rest of the country was cheering for Denver but I think a lot of people had a bad impression of the Seahawks as people. Payton Manning is the standard smart white quarter-back that people seem to like and feel good if he won but the hell with that. Every year people clearly have a reason on why they pick which team they want to win the super bowl but its harsh when you live in the city no one picks. Also I think Seattle does not have a long past of winning Super bowls so people don't cheer for them. Tomorrow is the parade and you better be going. Take off from work or school or whatever it has to be and go see the parade tomorrow. I am hoping to see you there 

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02/04/2014 2:43PM
Super Bowl fun 2/4/14
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