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Superbowl 2/11/10

    What up blogger? So since it is Thursday I figured it was time to blog about the superbowl. I went over to my freind Joe's house and it was crazy dawg. I am talking two kegs and a 16lb prime rib. Also there was rack of  lamb and Ben's girl made some homemade parogies that were great. I made my signature dip. It's a spicy sausage dip that is awesome and NO you can't have the recipe. Blow-pop's are real good I am sucking on one as I type this. No back to the superbowl. I have come to relize that I had a great time at this party and missed most of the second half. Since the Redskins were not playing and I like drinking I missed a big part of the game outside smokeing a cigar. Now in my defense it was a good cigar. I think that the superbowl is maybe one of the greatest American traditions we have. Look how many people watch the superbowl that don't even really watch sports. It is also a good time for people to get together with the weird drama around the holidays. So if you are like me and missed some of the game or you were the guys soaking evey last second of football superbowl Sunday is always a win for us at home........ I like to add the the end it makes me feel all Doggie Howser MD in this bitch

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02/11/2010 3:25PM
Superbowl 2/11/10
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