Swedish band Avatar

Swedish band Avatar “Smells Like A Freakshow”
Once again I would love to know What you think about this song! Listen first, then PLEASE let me know whatcha think!!

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01/24/2013 5:52PM
Swedish band Avatar
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01/24/2013 9:27PM
Smells like a Freakshow
Wow production of the video is over the top, but liked it. Hopefully they have or will have a body of music to listen to that is not intrinsically linked to videos. I worked in a prison for 22 years. I would shout down the rock, "Too many freaks,not enough circuses." Your Streaming Fan Mark. Love what you do as well as the rest of the people at KISW. Keep it weird!!
01/25/2013 4:19PM
Need more, but good so far
I would definitely need to hear more, but I kind of dig this. It kind of reminds me of earlier Marylin Manson (which was good, I don't care what anybody says!). I could see this band producing a body of work that could go both ways based on this song (like or dislike). I followed you on facebook for this very reason, to get updates on music I may otherwise not get...keep 'em coming!
02/02/2013 3:06AM
very interesting
As someone else has mentioned the sound is very reminiscient of earlier Manson works and some of the vocals tend to make me think of Ozzy, with the pitch used, which is a great blend!
03/08/2013 10:06PM
Sweden does it again
Avatar proves once again that Sweden is the #1 exporter of metal worldwide.
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