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TV VS Real 4/16/13

    Today as I woke up I thought about the world of TV and how much different real world is from TV. Mainly I was thinking about cop shows. Every time a cop on TV gets in trouble where he or she might be fired they hear the line I need the badge and the gun. I watched a show last night were the cop did not even say goodbye he just left the gun and the badge. What about all those high speed chases, when is the last time you saw a high speed chase through downtown? A what about that hooker with the heart of gold, every hooker I see downtown are junkies and really down on their luck. I did a ride along years ago with a cop and the only thing that stuck with me was how much paper work cop's have to do. Chef's are another one that look great on the tube but every chef I have ever met work their ass off and generally have no free time. TV is supposed to be a fantasy and I get that but I was just wondering how different it is in the real world. Let's not forget about dog's either as they are smart as hell on TV and have great comedic timing, me buddies dog have horrible timing and he is really not funny at all. If I could get a TV dog that was funny and snagged chicks, I would have one by now man. Trust me on that

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04/16/2013 2:17PM
TV VS Real 4/16/13
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