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TV show hype 3/11/14

    Today I was talking with my brother and he brought up a good point which about watching TV and the hype behind some shows. We were talking about True Detective and he mentioned that he liked the show but part of the reason he watched it was because of the hype. We agreed that the show was good but not as much as other shows like The Wire. I started thinking that sometimes in this day in age if we do say we like things because the majority says we should. I am not saying that others people influence has not been around for ever but now it seems like we are bombarded by things that are "Amazing". My brother finished watching True Detective through the end but I do agree I liked the show but maybe not as great as the hype made it sound. It was super weird and odd and I liked that a ton but in the end I think I wanted a little more as well. Now on the other hand maybe True Detective was that good and now my brother is influencing me not to like it. Now as much as the word amazing does bug I would also not go and say the end of True Detective is disappointing but just not what I was hoping for. In the end some shows are better then other and pick them on your choice 

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03/11/2014 2:08PM
TV show hype 3/11/14
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