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Taboo 5/15/13

    I was watching a show called Taboo on National Geographic Channel about taboo loves. Now one guy loved cars and not like a gear head I mean he physically loved cars. He would rub them and get turned on and another lady loved wall's. Yes wall's she just loved them. The last couple they had on was about age difference and I thought that's not really taboo as I see it all the time. The taboo was that she was 32 years older than him. See I had never really thought about it but it is much more taboo for the age difference to be between a older woman and younger man. It makes sense that some younger girls would want a older guy who can provide for her family but with the older woman the kids are done. I will tell you the truth that when I saw them kiss it was not that odd but they kissed and then she cleaned up his face like a mom would and that creped me out. Now as someone who is single it is not my place to say where or when you can find love but the mommy look to that relationship was a little odd. The other funny thing is the guy's wife is ten years older than his parents. Taboo's are funny because they also are very personal, something you deem taboo I may not. It kind of reminds me of Facebook and how some pictures I think are fine you might be ok with at your job. Taboo's are only as strong as the community that supports them

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05/15/2013 2:14PM
Taboo 5/15/13
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