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Vegas 10/24/13

    So this weekend I am headed to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Now the last time I went to Vegas I went with a buddy and we had a great time but we also it was just the two of us so it was a lot easier to plan things. This trip is a group of twelve and that is where things get interesting to me. You see when guys get together in large groups there is always a couple people who pass out early because they went to hard to start the day. Now the last bachelor party I was at I was the guy that passed out early myself. Now in my defense I had taken a red eye flight to get there and only had a couple hours sleep in thirty some hours but alas I was that guy. Now onto this trip I plan on not being that guy tomorrow Friday but Saturday night could be tough. The problem on Saturday is that we are going to the pool and watching college football which get me fired up very easily. I will just have to practice good manners and try to pace myself and drink water. Now I can talk about this all I want but once you get to that town all the bets are off, speaking of bets I hope to catch a hot hand in a dice game. I might even lay down a bet on the Seahawks to win a super bowl just because it would give me a reason to cheer for the Hawks. Oh the possibilities are endless this weekend in sin city. 

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10/24/2013 2:08PM
Vegas 10/24/13
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