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Talking Trash 10/29/13

    I want to start this blog with the fact that I love some celebrations on a sports field. I for one thinks it sucks that a guy can score a touchdown and not allowed to celebrate with a group. I think in soccer you score a goal well have some fun and do a dance. I do think that at some point you can go a little too far and Golden Tate did that last night. I don't think Tate is bad dude at all and in fact I have met the guy and was cool to me. I think he just got fired up on making a great play then taunted the guy because he was jacked up. To me the simple reason it crossed the line is it just looked classless and that is what you don't want to look like in any sport. The other thing is it just looks like you are not used to scoring touchdowns or making great plays. Tate makes a ton of plays thus it looked bad and he said sorry so I am fine with it. I would also say if your a fan that likes that kind of taunting which I know a lot of your are since were pissed that I tweeted about Tate, then you have to deal with the cheap shots of other teams and don't bitch. See that is the issue with some fans is that they want to talk all the trash in the world but then bitch when someone does it to them. I never played in the NFL or even close to it but as a sports fan I can tell most of the top guys you see in the past with numbers AND rings don't do that stuff. Sounders FC playoff on Wednesday should be a good game as well. The Sounders need to turn it around quick though

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10/29/2013 2:02PM
Talking Trash 10/29/13
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