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Halloween 10/31/13

    Today is Halloween and I am sure you fired up, well maybe not since it is a weeknight but either way enjoy some candy. See there is not a ton of times you can just eat candy without feeling a little bad but it is Halloween so get some. I think the best trick is to buy more candy then is expected so you have leftovers. Now if your a parent I am sure you can just steal some from your kids. I think when I was a kid I tried to count all my candy before bed because I knew my Dad would be trying to steal snickers. It is also the time of year where people like to dress up and act a little more crazy. Lots of cleavage and short skirts today as well. I wonder what kind of candy will be giving out and what I will get if I was going trick or treating. I will be handing out Twix, snickers, and M&M's which I feel like are three of the classics. I hope you go out and have some fun and get a little candy tonight

10/31/2013 2:43PM
Halloween 10/31/13
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