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Thank You Owen Hart!

No, not the late professional wrestler. Well, definitely thank him, but what I'm trying to say is that we would love to thank the Tacoma grindcore band named after him - Owen Hart- for coming up to the show on Saturday and debuting some songs off their new LP "Earth Control." Things got a little crazy in the studio and I'm really excited to post some of the behind the scenes footage from the band taking phone calls. First, I gotta download some 40 dollar program so I can edit it all together into one legit piece of ridiculousness.

For now, though, you can trot on over to the Owen Hart band camp page to hear a ton of their new songs (including two that are on the Relapse Records comp "This Comp Kills Fascists 2").

Look at Tony!
Tony from Owen Hart getting stoked to be on Metal Shop!

08/19/2010 6:16PM
Thank You Owen Hart!
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