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The Fall 10/6/11

    What up blogger? I usally start out this blog talking about weather and the weather is a changeing so i thought hell I will write a whole blog on this. The weather clearly changes every year around this time and it's get's a little darker and a little colder. Now some people I think just start getting depressed because it is gray and a little darker out but I love the fall and I love change. The weather is no differnt than you or me and we need changes in our lives so we don't stay stuck. With that idea I think that sometimes mother nature needs a change as well and so the seasons happen. I personally think we should stop bitching and let her do her thing and change.

    Now not only does the weather change but you get all the awesome sports in fall you love. College and Pro football, playoff soccer and MLB playoffs. Maybe you say hey Ted I don't like those sports since I am from Canada well good news my brother from up north is that NHL hockey starts today. So with all that going on and snowboarding season right around the corner how could you not like fall. Its also awesome to rock a soft warm hoodie in the fall. Maybe even a fire....yeah you like fall just like I do.

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10/06/2011 2:15PM
The Fall 10/6/11
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