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The First Ever From The Vault Text Face-Off

If you're even just an occasional listener of Metal Shop, you're probably already aware of a little segment that comes on at the stroke of midnight; From The Vault, a segment where we clean off the cobwebs from some of the old CD's and LPs here in the Metal Shop library and give an old school track a spin for old time's sake. This past week, we recognized the awesomeness of Nocturnus, a band whose signature proggy-tech-death style was years ahead of it's time, and in the past we've featured everyone from Carnivore to Cryptic Slaughter and Forced Entry.

Now the time has come to give us your input. Here's your chance to decide this week's From The Vault!

In one corner, we have a hometown band from the Eastside. You might know them from their breakout smashes like "Silent Lucidity," but, we here at Metal Shop would like to recognize a bit of an older track from these dudes. Wearing purple and yellow spandex, with a combined weight of something close to 1000 pounds, Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnssssssryyyyyyyyccccchhheee! The tune we chose from them is "Queen Of The Reich" from their 1983 debut EP Queensryche.

Having trouble remembering just how rad this song is? Here ya go!

And in the uhhh...other corner, we have another awesome local band! Serpent's Knight. Now you might not recognize him underneath all that hairspray, but Serpent's Knight was fronted by then-future Sanctuary and Nevermore vocalist Warrel Dane. I'm guessing they weigh close to the same amount as Queensryche and they wear leather, lots and lots of leather.

The song we chose from Serpent's Knight for this From The Vault Face-Off is "Long Live Heavy Metal" from their 1983 album Released From The Crypt.

Not familiar? Check it, brah.

So there you go! Two awesome local bands, but only one From The Vault.

Here's how it goes: Text either "Queensryche" or "Serpent's" to the number 77999 along with the word "HORNS" to cast your vote.

All votes will be tabulated and ready to go for Saturday's episode to decide who will be the victor in the The First Ever From The Vault Text Face- Off (catchy name, eh?)

Queensryche - Queen Of The Reich


Serpent's Knight - Long Live Heavy Metal


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05/10/2011 11:17PM
The First Ever From The Vault Text Face-Off
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