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The French 4/1/10

    What up blogger? So last night was the opening of the newest season of the utlimate fighter on Spike. Now I like TUF a lot and last season watched almost every fight. By the way nice win again Roy. He might not look the part but that man can win fights. Anyhow back to this blog so last night I went out and played hoops because thats what I do on Wensday's I play basketball in a pick-up game. I don't need you jokes eithier I suck at hoops but it is a good sweat. So after hoops I went to a buddy's house and grilled up some chicken and other things which was quite good. Had a couple of Miller Lite's too which are always better after you have been sweating at that point you really feel like you have earned your beers. When I finally got home I took a nice long shower and I also love the post workout shower man it's fun and refreashing. So after all that I watch TUF and a French said he was going to show the world that the French are not quiters.....then he quit durning rounds

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04/01/2010 2:16PM
The French 4/1/10
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