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The Internet world as we formally know it might be done for, yes "The Iron Mike Files" have arrived! My own blog on KISW! Thank you KISW for giving me an outlet to share my rock in roll, dream world, exploits with YOU the KISW listening masses! I've been an avid KISW listener for the past 25+ years. Many of you know me through the Seattle music scene and countless area concerts, but mainly it's my event and concert photography for KISW where you'll recognize my work! You know the link, you should have that bookmarked:

Watch for my exclusive behind the scene reports, photos and overall fun times at KISW and other concert events I get to work. Besides that, I'm gonna keep pretty active on here informing ya of new CD's with reviews and various other rock music or worldly news worth talking about. I think my first big blog'll be full of behind the scenes reports and photo looks of what full access craziness means from my recent stint on tour with Alice In Chains, their crew, and venues mean including those Mastodon & Deftones dudes! Let the blog madness begin!

Bookmark: as well as so you can view all the other KISW personalities blogs! Be safe on Halloween and I hope you are at either the KISW Heaven or Hell Bash Featuring Vince Neil at the Snoqualmie Casino or KISW presents Steel Panther at Showbox Sodo Halloween night!

Death to all but Metal! ;)
Iron Mike

10/27/2010 11:53AM
The Iron Mike Files
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10/27/2010 12:30PM
Dann Tyson
congrats Mike! Always love the pics! "And yeah I really get what you're saying.. Death to all BUTT metal." ;-) ROCK!
10/27/2010 1:54PM
Justin Pearson
Congratulations Mike! Hard work pays off! I look forward to reading your reviews and your backstage stories!
10/27/2010 2:02PM
Suzanne Darrow
Welcome to the blogness, Mike! Looking forward to your zany stories and more fantastic photos from the world of rock!! Your photographs have become the scrapbook to my music life since I seem to be at just about every concert you are! Long live Iron Mike!! Suzanne
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