The Letter Black

The Letter Black
From time to time I like to post a song here and get your feedback on it.  So can ya?  Give a listen and tell me your thoughts via the comments section below please.
The band is The Letter Black and the song is “Pain Killer” and no it’s not a Judas Priest cover heheh.

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11/06/2013 4:42PM
The Letter Black
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11/06/2013 7:19PM
pop rock. feel like they're holding back and could do something edgier, less vague. lead singer has a great voice
11/06/2013 7:26PM
Love the vocals
Good song. Love the vocals. Would love to hear more from them and more from strong female lead singers.
11/06/2013 7:33PM
Was ok! Kind of a pop/rock sound! Checked out some of their other stuff on my space and some start out rocking but all wind up in the ballot/bad relationship mode! Singer has a nice voice but not really my style!
11/06/2013 7:43PM
Diggin her voice!
Definitely radio friendly with a good hook. The song is good and her voice is amazing!
11/06/2013 7:48PM
The letter black
I heard of them a while ago. Love them!! Christian rock too!!! Love em!!!
11/07/2013 12:50AM
Not as edgy or heavy as I hoped
This is pop masquerading as hard rock. It's not bad for a pop song but I was hoping there would be a little more grit to the vocals.
11/07/2013 5:28AM
Nice! But a little soft!
Would love to hear more from them, They sound good, But you cant tell from just one song. I do like this song!
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