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The Making Of A Metal Shop Mascot

Over the years, we've all become very familiar with the Metal Shop logo. How could you miss it? With the name plastered on pretty much every huge metal show in the northwest, it's a little hard. Now that we've all gotten so comfortable with it, I think it's time to push things a little further. A couple nights ago, the inspiration hit me to take it to the next level, I purchased a blank "Dunny" action figure down the street and went to work, creating the officially unofficial Metal Shop mascot.

As you can tell, I was heavily inspired by Norwegian black metal legends Immortal and Dimmu Borgir, as the little dude dawns a fresh coat of classic corpse paint.

What's his name, you ask? Well, that is to be decided. And yes, I understand that the little guy needs some clothes. Bear with me! It's a work in process...This week, I have plans to add spiked armbands, a leather vest and a long main of black locks.

Check back here soon to view the transformation firsthand!

Horns up!


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02/23/2011 12:53AM
The Making Of A Metal Shop Mascot
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