The Masterpieces of the Thrill household

"So, on yesterday's show, I was bitchin' about my daughter's need to express her 'artistic' side in permanent ink on my furniture.  I was asked what it is she's drawing.  Well, I have no f**king idea, so, as promised, here are a few samples of her work.  You tell me what the hell you think it is she's trying to express."

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09/25/2013 12:58PM
The Masterpieces of the Thrill household
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09/25/2013 5:29PM
U need to sell her art work. So U can make some money to pay to replace it.
09/25/2013 5:29PM
that 3rd pick looks like a stubby hairy chub
09/25/2013 5:31PM
These are EASY...
#1: the back of the chair represents a cross, the seat of the chair is 2 elephants making love. #2: A Very irritated skiing penguin. #3: Obviously the underside of Thrill's junk... #4: The Roadrunner in transit. - Gay Erik -
09/25/2013 6:22PM
1: Picasoesque drawing of dad burping beer bubbles. 2: *pull my finger* bent over 3: captured still of a balloon popping 4: crime scene markings of dad's skid marks.
09/26/2013 1:57PM
1- Circus (tight rope walker in the center). 2- Maleficent (Disney Sleeping Beauty Villian) 3- Flight of the Concords 4- Pod of Dolphins
10/03/2013 9:35AM
try WD 40 to get if off there
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