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The Office 5/16/13

    Tonight is the last show of the Office. Now I am sure plenty of you are fans of the Office as it was one of the biggest show's on TV ever. It is also funny to think about the show ending because the show started in 2005 and is now ending in 2013. So that is eight years ago the show started, so my question is what were you doing eight years ago yourself? When a show like the Office ends it run to me it's big deal in culture just because I can think of how many different times I have talked about the Office over the years. Now I will not lie I stopped watching the Office a few years ago but was always a fan of the show just kind of stopped watching it during a tough time and never got back to it. I can think back to the time asking my brother if he had even heard of the show after someone introduced me to it. Back then he had two small kids and now my niece is 10 and my nephew is 8. Hell I have moved three times to different parts of the city since this show has been on. When the show started my favorite music at the time was Mike Jones WHO Mike Jones, now I am not even sure what Mr.Jones is up to but I am sure people are still hittin up his cell. So tonight if you are a Office fan enjoy the show and if your not maybe just watch and see all the funny things you missed over the years. As I said I am not the biggest fan but on the same token it is rare that I watch the Office and don't laugh. 

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05/16/2013 5:08PM
The Office 5/16/13
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