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The Pacific 3/16/10

    What up blogger? How you been man everything good? So today it's all about my nerd stuff. I am a big time sports nerd first off an I say that because everyone is a nerd about something but my is luckyley a socialally acceptical thing to be a nerd about. Now other than sports I am also a big nerd when it comes to history. Now I have never served and I do not take war lightly. I understand that it is very rough and has unfortantly destroyed a lot of people on and off the battle-feild. As a person who has nevered served I find war movies and show very fasiateing. The new that I am watching is called the Pacific and it is a mini seires on HBO. If you don't have HBO I of-corse would recommend Xfinity 1-800-Xfinity. Sometimes I need to do that now back to this blog. The Pacific is awesome, it is so real and gut wrenching that I thought I might tear up watching it. They show how mean the war was in the Pacific well all war is mean but damn I just not rlize what those Marines were going though. Eithier way if your a history nerd like me or not it's a great series and it wil teach about our past and as Americans sometimes we need know more about our past. Yo don't forget that the first TEN people to find me at the 1000 show after party and say cornbread will get a beer from me. Usally Miller lite but hey it is St.Paddy's day so maybe a pint ginnius

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03/16/2010 2:34PM
The Pacific 3/16/10
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