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The Shutdown and College football 10/8/13

    Today's blog is a little more serious than most of my blogs and yet it is not. You see the title is shutdown and college football which to most have nothing to do with each other. He is what college football and the government shutdown have in common is that they are both run by people completely out of touch with the average person. The shutdown is a giant game with our elected politicians over the affordable care act aka Obamacare. Now all the lawyers in congress oh I mean congressmen would say it is over things but truthfully it is not. As for the other side they are playing a dangerous game as well with our countries well being. Instead of getting anything done these people just want to shutdown the government which effects their pay checks none. See that is the thing is that now in the USA if you just get people fired up and can argue well then it is ok when it is not. At this point I don't care for either side and think it is just silly and someone of cores will say Ted you don't understand how complicated it all is. This makes me so mad because at the end of the day I understand hard headed people and a**holes which is what we are dealing with. This brings me to college football which is run by the same type of rich out of touch people. They claim college athletics is amateurism while turning it into a billion dollar business. Pay the players and stop cashing in on million dollar salaries. I am part of the problem as well since I still watch college football every Saturday. Sometimes I just feel like what can I do to change things and feel helpless but then again maybe that is their plan all along. 

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10/08/2013 2:00PM
The Shutdown and College football 10/8/13
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