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The good and the bad 4/18/12


   TV can be a lot of things to me. A lot of times TV is nothing more than a time waster or something in the background. There are also shows you can watch that can teach you things. I know some people that hate TV and think it is the evil of all evil's. I do agree that watching too much of it is probably not great for you but then again everything in moderation is a solid way to live. I think too much of anything is a bad idea.


    The reason I am writing this blog about the good and bad on TV are two different shows that are both on TV. To me one show ask questions and makes you thing about stuff and question things and that show is Frontline on PBS. Now on the other end of the spectrum is a show called basketball wives on VH1. First off the word wives in the title is BS because they are all ex's. Can you imagine your ex wife of girlfriend being on TV because she used to date you. The only thing more crazy than this show is that people watch it. Look I love some mindless TV and just zone out but this show is just awful. The 20 mins I spent watching it are time I will never get back but you have to really annoying to make me not even watch one whole show. I have not been this turned off from a show since the Kardashian's got a show. The worst part about this show is it is just some money and attention starved girls trying to cash in on some dude they used to date. Here is idea get good at something and people will give you that attention you want.


    TV also to me is a window into how other people do things. I love sports and for me live sports on TV are what I watch the most. I like the idea that if I am up on a Saturday morning watching the Arsenal play a soccer game in England that there are people all over the world watching them just like I am. We are all different people from different parts off the world but through live sports on TV we are all one when we jump for joy as RVP scores again to win a big game. For college football it is great to see a Maryland football on TV because then I am there with my family and friends watching them lose again because well it's Maryland football and they lose a lot. I am getting way off topic here but I guess my point is TV can be both good and bad depending on what you want to watch. When you read this keep in mind I am a 31 year old man that lives alone so I can watch what I want when I want. I feel bad for dudes that have to sit through bad shows that are not there choice. I am going to do a radio show and keep trying to get famous so a ex of mine can be on a show one day.....

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04/18/2012 1:35PM
The good and the bad 4/18/12
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