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The good life 4/12/12

    The sun has been out this week and it was out last weekend and so was I. It always blows me away how when the sun does come out here in the Northwest it turns into sun worship. I did not understand it the first few years I was out here but I sure as hell get it now. As soon as the bright sunny sun shows up it is time to get out there and do some things and for a guy like me it means it is time to enjoy the good life.
    The good life can be a lot of things to a lot of different people. For one the good life might be at a certain event or maybe out in the woods shooting some kind of animal. The good life could also just living in a great place with a great view. Let me tell you now what I consider the good life. Last weekend was a prime example to me of the good life. I am a single guy with a good job so clearly I get to do and live stuff that some people can't because they have more cost than I do. Friday night we had the 5th 53rd annual Alcohol of fame down in Tacoma and that was awesome. I got to meet a ton of cool people and have some drinks with them. I got up early on Saturday and watched some soccer and then I took my first hot tub of the day. Yeah to me the good life has a few components but rest assure that hot tubs is a big one. So after the first hot tub of the day and a quick dip in the pool at my place I got ready to go to buddy Matt's Birthday party. I know what your saying how long does it take me to get ready and the answer is not long but I had to make sausage dip as well. When living the good life sausage dip is important as well. The party was great with tons of food and drink and good company. Shout out to "TOP DOG". Later on in the night we had a bonfire and then the best way to end any night with a outdoor hot tub. The wind over your head and a couple buddies and some beers.
    Man this is the longest blog in a while just to talk about the good life. The next morning I got up and had some homemade coffee cake and breakfast casserole that was on point. Then it was time to start amping up the good life again with a few lawn games. Started with a nice little kick about with a couple guys and a soccer ball that led to some other games involving balls and these things that were like plastic lacrosse stick. What is next after that you ask? Its now time for another outdoor hot tub and hanging. See to me the good life is simple. Good company, good food, cold drinks and hot tubs. OK the hot tub part is not simple but always great. How do you live the good life? As always get at me on twitter @TheeTedSmith

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04/12/2012 2:12PM
The good life 4/12/12
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