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The newest Kingdom Of Sorrow album...

Is the best thing you will hear this year...

Okay okay okay, maybe that's going a little bit too far with my excitement over how bone crushingly awesome this record is, so how about I just say it's going to be a staple on the weekly playlist until the disc breaks or gets stolen!

So, you might ask, who is Kingdom of Sorrow? For those not yet initiated with their greatness, Kingdom of Sorrow is one half Crowbar and one half Hatebreed, taking the groove of the former and mixing it with the straight forward crunch of the latter.

Their new album is called "Beyond The Blackest Tears" and is available now on Relapse.

They have a couple jams from the album posted here. Check em out and give them the support they deserve! Until next time...horns up!

06/09/2010 12:47AM
The newest Kingdom Of Sorrow album...
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