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The outdoors 7/24/12

    This past weekend I went to a cabin with a good buddy of mine for his bachelor party with a group of guys. The cabin we got was great and it had a hot tub a nice loft and a grill which is most important when spending time with that number of dudes. We brought way too food which is never a bad thing and I think we only got close to running out of beer after crushing a lot of it. It was a great weekend


    In September my Brother and a couple buddies are coming out here to Seattle to visit me and when I talked to my brother today, he said just plan out whatever and he is in. Now last weekend we went up to Crystal Mt. and rode the gondola and walked around the Mt. for a while. It was awesome and you should try it this summer but my point is with all the great things there are here to offer in the Seattle area where do I take them? I would like to take them on a hike but they are only here for a few days so I don't won't to spend the whole time in a car. Maybe a sail around Elliot bay or a over on the lake side. I am not sure what all we will do but there is a ton of options in the great area. I also want to tell you guys that I like a bar more than most and parties but don't forget to get out there this summer and enjoy this great spot we live in the Northwest. Make a group outing like we did or just get lost in the woods then dominate the bar later that night. Its like my man Wiz says "Work hard, Play hard"

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07/24/2012 6:44PM
The outdoors 7/24/12
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