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The state of all ages music in Tacoma.

As you may or may not have known, the Viaduct Venue, Tacoma's last all ages venue closed it's doors for good on July 31st, effectively eliminating the final source of all ages music in the city of Tacoma. Club Impact, a long time staple for all ages entertainment closed it's doors in 2009, and with Hell's Kitchen's new 21+ only policy, the pickin's are pretty slim for younger music fans in the South End.

Kevin and I both grew up in the Kent/Covington/Auburn area, and after the Auburn Annex shut down, we still had Club Impact, Hell's Kitchen (before the new 21+ policy) or even the Viaduct to fall back on. Whether that was having a place to go see your favorite band, having a venue that was willing to let your band play, or even just providing us as young people with something to do on a Friday night. And while Kevin and I are both 25 and 24 years old, respectively, we still believe that "just because you're not 21, that's not supposed to mean you can't have any fun." And i'll tell you right here and now, if it weren't for all ages shows, Kevin and I wouldn't have had a place to grow within the Northwest metal, punk, and hardcore scenes. And we sure as hell wouldn't be the hosts of Metal Shop.

That being said, there's a push being made to help re-create a new all ages music scene in Tacoma - to cater not only to the next generation of south-end music lovers, but to ALL heavy underground music lovers, young and old.

The website can be found here:

PLEASE take a moment to check out the website, familiarize yourself with the situation, and maybe even make a small donation to the future of a new all ages venue in Tacoma.

When Kevin and I took over Metal Shop from Kevin and Steve, we made a commitment and a pledge to do everything we could to support and help bolster local heavy music. Obviously we put a focus on all types of METAL, but punk and hardcore also play a large part of the breeding grounds that create new musicians and lovers of everything heavy. ALL music is local, and the most important music in the northwest, in my opinion, is the music that comes from here. Let's do everything we can to make sure that the next generations of metalheads and musicians have the same opportunites to thrive upon and grow within the same types of rich environments we were lucky enough to have.

We'll continue to support local METAL, and we hope you do too! We will have more announcements regarding this subject in future episodes of Metal Shop, so stay tuned every Saturday night at 11pm!

I'll leave you with an awesome video that Kevin took of local band Wreck doing a sweet ZOMBIE cover at the last ever VIADUCT show!

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Thanks again for taking the time,

08/14/2010 3:04PM
The state of all ages music in Tacoma.
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08/14/2010 5:13PM
Brandon Green
you guys seriously rule.
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