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The weekend 4/1/11

    What up blogger? SO today is April first which of-corse is april fools day and boy am I fired up. Not really but as a kid it seemed like fun day and I always liked it. One of my favorite tricks was to get my sister to slam a door shut real hard then with ketup on my hand I would cry that my finger got caught and mom freaks outs then you hit her off with the April fools joke. If it seems childish well it is so it was suppossed to be like that. Anyhow moving on to the weekend. Last weekend was a great weekend for watching sports in person but this weekend is all about the couch. Fist off I will be up at the Car toys in Everrt from 11-1 so come say hi if your up there. Now after that i will go home and watch my Arsenal match on dvr(I have not given up hope for the gunners) after I watch that game then bamm its time for the final four. After the final four end then its time to to watch some Sounders action at 7:30. I feel like the only hard thing is paceing out the beers i will be drinking all day watching all these sports. Have a great weekend and have some fun tonight.

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04/01/2011 9:31AM
The weekend 4/1/11
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