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The world 2/25/11

    What up blogger? So you been good? Good. Now this blog is usally just about tv but today I feel the need to talk to you about something else. The world is going crazy!!! Have you seen the protest in the middle east? It's unreal and the stuff that is happening right now is just un-real. On our side in Wisconson they are banning labor unions. I don't want to sound like the great Vince Lombardi but what the hell going out out there? I don't know for sure what is going to happen or what the hell is happening but stuff is going on. I now this much we are on the verge of un-real things that are about to change even in the USA. By the way gas and Airline prices will be through the roof again too. I guess my point is this I don't care what side of the fence you are on the rich are getting richer and people in the middle class are getting poorer. I mean I keep hearing from the goverment that the economey is getting better but when I talk to people that run bars and store they say no it ant. I really do think in the next few years you are going to see a shift and we will come together because thats what americans do and we will show the rich greedy basturds we have had enough. Sorry I got a little preachy there I am just blown away at what is happening and I can't stop watching it all. Have a good weekend and GO STP

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02/25/2011 3:13PM
The world 2/25/11
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