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Its time for a swim 8/24/12

    I like to swim in water. Seems like a simple thing to say right, but when is the last time you jump into some water. Now a lot of people are reading this and hopefully saying I do that all the time Ted. I hope that is the case that people are getting out there and swimming in all kinds of stuff. Now I am not here to tell you that you should be swimming laps or stuff like that but just suggesting that you get in for a swim where-ever. Someone recently asked me what I have been up to and I said swimming in different bodies of water.


    This summer I have been lucky to do some cool things in different waters. I like to try new stuff and try out opportunities. Ben and I were lucky enough to get to go down King County Aquatic Center and jump off the platform dives. I only went up to the 7 meter dive as my man Ben did go all the to the top off the 10 meter. The 10 meter for the record is almost 33 feet up and the 7 meter is about 23 feet up. On Sea-Fair weekend I got in some good swim time in lake Washington. I have a pool in my building so I can swim in there all the time which is nice. I got into a river just a couple weeks ago up near Darrington. The whole point of this blog is that getting in water feels great and I really believe is relaxes you. So to you this weekend I say be safe in rivers and lakes but get out there and jump in some water man. It will be cold again soon and you wont have the chance 

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Sounders FC 8/8/12

    How was you weekend? Mine was a blast, I saw the Blue Angels flying around town. I went with a buddy to a house on Lake Washington in the evening and got some swimming in and some beer pong. Beer pong took forever by the way. I had not played that game in a while and I sucked. I have to say thought that SeaFair is one of the greatest weekends ever and to close it out the Sounders FC had a game against LA in front of 60,000 and crushed them. Beat LA is always my motto.


    Tonight on TV is the final of the US Open cup and the Sounders are again in the final. The final this year is being played in Kansas City against Sporting KC. The Sounders have won three in a row and are looking to set another record this year with four in a row. The US Open Cup is open to almost all clubs pro or not and its a old tournament and i was say like the FA Cup in England. That won't make a lot of sense if you are not a soccer fan but sorry today this blog is all about my main club and the first club and only club I have ever know the Sounders. The game tonight will be tough on the road and Sporting KC is a good team. The other thing is that I do believe that a lot of people would be happy to see the Sounders lose and someone else win but F**k that noise. The boys in rave green are playing well and its time for another piece of hardware. Go Sounders

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Sea-Fair 8/2/12

    Blue Angels are here and that of-cores means it is time for Sea-Fair weekend. Sea-Fair blows me away every year with how much fun it is. I have done Sea-Fair a couple different ways and all of them were fun. I have been lucky enough to sit in one of the VIP tents a couple times and watch the races from right there. The log boom is another animal all together. I was out there a few years ago and it was crazy. I still contend that it is the craziest party I have been to or seen in the Seattle area. Last year I did a boat with a group of people and just cruised around all day which was awesome. Watch out for the water balloons though as they are getting fired from every direction. I also last year got a sun burn that lasted for a week on my back but damn it was worth it.


    I have been watching the Olympics this year but I feel like I have watched more random stuff then normal sports. I was watching badminton this morning and wow that is a fast paced outdoor game and a lot different from the one I used to play at the beach. I have watched the soccer but it is just disappointing that the USA did not qualify so it makes me sad. I do like the bikinis of the beach volleyball but in the end give me the field hockey girls and there outfits. If I had to pick a favorite I would say it is the Dutch team. They are real cute and hot. Maybe I should just go to the Netherlands and meet a girl but more than likely I will just sit at home and watch them and Google them. Enjoy the Angels this weekend and get a sun burn. It's time

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