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Smiles 9/27/12
    So this is going to end being one those feel good blogs because I try and stay positive but hey I get down too man. Before we get to the feel good part though I have to say its going to be a big weekend here in the Northwest. Tonight on national TV your Washington Husky's are taking on Stanford on ESPN. I think it is a black out tonight at the game since the Huskies are in all black and so are the fans. That's a good start then on Saturday of-cores we have our biggest event of the year here at KISW which is Pain in The Grass at white river. Saturday also as well is a Cougs game downtown and Sounders up in Vancouver BC. It's going to be a big weekend
    Now onto the feel good part of this blog. The other day I was just caught up in my head and not having a great day and I had to go grab some stuff from the store. I went to whole foods down by Denny since its on my way home. As I am walking out of the store their is a guy that stands out front and sells the Real Change paper. He also sings and always has a smile for you. Now I always get my Real Change from my guy Merlin but I still give a dollar to this guy because he is so damn happy or at least appears that way. I said to another woman walking out how I like the guy and she agreed and then we both also said how a smile can brighten up your day. Your going to have good days and your going to have bad days as well but keep your head about you and don't forget it's OK to be kind, not weak but kind and those who confuse the two are scared of you, and your kindness
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Sun and fun 9/14/12
    What are you doing this afternoon? What are you doing this weekend? What are you doing next week? I have the answer for you and its enjoying sun. What a great summer we had and now that sun is sticking around into the fall. I guess I should not say the fall just yet as fall does not begin until next weekend. With this much sun and fun I hope your still getting outside and doing stuff man. Don't forget the overcast and grey skies will be back soon enough and you will miss that sun, son.
    Well what are you doing this weekend Ted? I just assume that is what you are asking since you are reading my blog. I am doing two of my favorite words....Portland Away. Yes I blogged about the last trip as well but I love taking the buses down with the ECS guys and girls. For the record ladies when I say the ECS guys I do mean the whole ECS not just the dudes. Anyhow I am getting up bright and early to make that trip on Saturday then Sunday I will most likely be couch bound. I am not saying I am like God but the guy had a good idea with the whole rest on Sunday thing. Speaking of which if your wife or your husband wants to something on Sunday and you don't want to I say fire back at them "what your better than God? Right we should be resting" That's all I got for today folks and its a busy time of year so I am going to sound off on all my teams this weekend. Go Stags, Go Terps, Go Gunners, Go Skins and 100% Go Sounders and F**k Portscum 
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Football 9/5/12
    Football is back and back hard dude. That sounds funny the way I wrote that so I am going to leave it in. Last weekend College football kicked off and it was great to see all the new helmets and bands. Side note it is also always great to see college girls back as well. Crowd shots are the best at college games and trust me Husky fans you will be impressed at LSU this weekend. So tonight the big boy of USA sports is back in NFL football.
    Now over the years I have watched less and less NFL mainly because as a Redskin fan I am not happy with the owner ever. NFL just blows me away because it is everyone in the USA that watches it. Now if you reading this and saying I don't watch it Ted I am not talking to you specifically, I am saying in general when you look at the numbers there is no comparison that NFL is king the USA. I have some friends the are as blue collar as can be and they live and breath NFL. I also have some friends who are white collar and they love the NFL just as much as those guys. I am a College football nerd and slowly become a soccer nerd as well. The thing that makes life easier as a Maryland football fan is that my Sounders are playing well. So my point in this blog today is go enjoy some football tonight tomorrow or this weekend and withier it be NFL, College football, or English football go play and watch some. It will give you something to talk about with people as well
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