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What do people think about you? 10/26/12
    So the weather has clearly taken a change for the cold and rain as we move into November here. I was out having a drink with some buddies last night and we started talking about what people think about us. It's hard some times to really be critical of yourself but we were talking more of what kind of people we are. I bring this up because time and time again we see famous people who do the right things like give to charity and such but they are not good people. They always end being found out because the truth does not lie and karma is bitch sometimes right Lance? I said this a long time ago and Miles and Thrill laughed and I am sure a lot of people did but I mean it when I say "you can't build a legacy if your trying to". That's my point here is that you need to and you should want to be kind to people. Axl Rose is another example to me as back in the day his whole thing was I am rock and roll and I don't give a f**k what you think. Ok but now I think that he is a lonely man trying to repair his image. Everyone makes mistakes and has bad nights, weeks or even years but just make a lifetime of being a d**k to people because it will come back to haunt you.
    On a happier note I hope everyone goes out and has a great time this weekend. I am going to have a big Saturday and watch football then party all night. Sunday will be the high tax of pain for Saturday gone that well. Side note please get some good candy and don't be the house with the bad stuff. Kids can be evil and they remember which house is which. Now I want some candy and I wish the twix and kit kat would come together in one bag of awesome with my other friends snickers and peanut butter cups
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SHOW # 1589 OCTOBER 12 2012
So there's some boy- band from England (I think) called One Direction.  Maybe you've heard of them, maybe not... doesn't matter.  all you need to know is that they're all the rage right now.  Some guy in the band, Harry Stiles, (is that name for real?) is heavily tattooed and recently he did a shirtless photo shoot to show off his ink. Instead of people being impressed by his dermatological artwork, the focus was on his formerly unknown third nipple.  Yea, he's been fielding questions about his extra nip ever since.  Meanwhile, our very own Thee Ted Smith is suffering from Achilles tendonitis.  I don't know exactly what that is, but anything that ends with 'itis' is, generally, something you'd like to avoid.  Anyway, he was given crutches, but there are two types of crutches out there... the ones that fit under your armpits that say 'injury' and the ones with handles that wrap around your forearms that say 'polio'.  Ted got the latter, so he looks like someone with a birth defect, not an injured ankle... and he's hating it.  We, of course, have been laughing at him.  Today's question:  WHAT IS THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING YOU'VE HAD TO ENDURE?
Rolled into work late and then had to excuse himself to buy some new clothes because he discovered that he'd crapped himself from the night before
Lived with his grandmother when he was 13... she quietly replaced the Sears catalog in the bathroom with Reader's Digest.  She never said anything, but, clearly, she'd figured out that he was jerking it to the bra section of the catalog
Was busted soaking his junk in a glass of vinegar... don't ask
Mom caught him jerking off when he was 14... she called friends, family and church members to see if they thought it was normal
Got diarrhea on a ferry... 'painted' the entire stall and got reprimanded by a ferry employee
Dad walked in on him measuring his d*ck with a ruler
Had to go to the doctor because she got a contraceptive sponge stuck in her wookie
His friend decided to masturbate with his eyes closed while wearing headphones, listening to music.  When he 'finished', there was a sandwich and a glass of milk on his dresser.  His mother had walked in on him, dropped of the food and said nothing.  Terrifying
Performing the long jump in high school... at the moment he jumped, he sh*t himself in front of the entire class
Her son found her bi- sexual swinger pictures on the computer
Used to be a stripper... her boyfriend's son came into the club one night while she was on- stage
Ok bitches, the weekend is upon us, so I say we get it started. 
Have yourselves a fine few days, amigos and until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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Playoffs and fall 10/4/12
    I sound like a broken record but damn this weather is nice right now. A few months from now I want everyone to re-read these blogs and remember how awesome this weather was. The last week has really been in my wheelhouse as well. Crisp mornings and clear blue sky's with a nice breeze. This is what we call football weather. College or pro weather like this to me means tailgates and good food with friends. When I say good food with friends I also should add a few cold ones with friends as well.
    This weekend the MLB playoffs start. I am not as big of a baseball guy as I once was but playoffs anything is worth watching and I am excited to see what the Washington Nationals can do in the playoffs. I say that I am a Nats fan but it tough since I have never been to a home game in DC. The team showed up the year I left for the great Northwest from DC. Since they are a DC team I had automatically cheer for them. I have seen them play out here in Seattle and cheered for them. My sports alliance to Seattle is basically just the Sounders FC. I think that the Nats are a good story as well since they are the youngest team in baseball with the oldest coach in baseball. Now if you’re not a Nats fan don't seat it because there will be good playoff baseball on with some drama. The main thing is that at any point this weekend between College football, NFL, EPL, MLB playoffs and most importantly Sounders VS Portscum on Sunday at 6pm you have sports to watch. Fire up the grill and get some suds and buds and enjoy the weekend.

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