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Fake Thanksgiving's 11/22/13
    Next week is Thanksgiving and we all know that but do you know about the new annoying trend people are doing? This trend is having friends over for a Thanksgiving dinner before Thanksgiving. Now Ryan Castle did one of these a month ago and it sound like fun and it was a month before Thanksgiving so I am cool with that but I have tow parties this weekend that are both fake Thanksgiving. See here is my problem is that Thanksgiving is a day to eat too much and be around family and friends but I don't really want to eat that meal twice in a week. Also in the end your not really giving my a option to skip the one with family your just adding another holiday in the mix. If you want to do some other time of year or in a January ok but the weekend before Thanksgiving I have to eat the whole with you too. This is insanity if you ask me and hey just throw a party or get together and I will come by to drink. Also at the end of the day it is a house party and I love a house party, been to hundreds of them but don't try to sell me on how this is so much different than Thanksgiving. It is people eating too much around a table right? Sure sounds likes Thanksgiving to me and no I don't want to go to your joint shower either, those are for chicks
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It's almost time 11/20/13
    I will blog a lot about this as it gets closer but we are defiantly in the Holiday season now whether you like it or not. Last week I had blogged that I thought Christmas was coming too early with all the shopping and things but I have seen lights up and it is here already. I will still wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put up lights myself but some people are already on it and getting it done. Last night I heard a Christmas song and thought OK I guess it is OK for this now. The day after Thanksgiving I will be into full on Christmas mode after putting the lights up I always go down to Westlake Center to watch the Christmas tree get lit. After they light the tree they also have fireworks downtown above Macy's after they light up the giant star on the building. It is also the day the train display in the Macy's window goes up and kids of all ages enjoy looking at the trains. I say kids of all ages because I like them as well but try not to get to close so that little kids can actually see the trains. So I would say this weekend get in some fun with your buddies and eat OK because next week we are waist deep in holiday season suckas  
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Mayor Ford 11/14/13
    Up in Toronto they have a mayor like most cites do but unlike most cites this mayor smokes crack. Mayor Ford is his name and I am sure you have heard of him by now but it is amazing the guy can't stop saying stupid things. He was caught on video a few months ago smoking crack in a crack house and now the news is getting worse. His excuse for smoking crack that night is he was hammered drunk. Now I am not one to say shame on you as I have done things while drunk I regret but I am not the mayor of a countries largest city. I get wanting to go out and party but I think when you sing on to be in political office the rules change a bit. Now with that said I do like how honest the guy is when they ask him question's, yesterday he said "I never said I want to e** her P***y" that was a quote. The guy is clearly living a bit out or control and it is catching up to him. It will also overshadow any good he has done for the city. The story is so crazy to be honest I am not sure what to think about this guy. I respect the fact he wears jerseys to press conferences because I like sports but I am not sure I want the drunk guy in the jersey to be my mayor. In the end I hope the guy gets some help since it seems like he has a drug problem  
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Christmas Stuff 11/13/13
    Halloween is over and so the Christmas stuff is already out, now I love me some Christmas but it is too early. When I was younger it seemed like the time between the start of December and Christmas lasted forever. It could be because my birthday is on Christmas eve as well that the month took forever but I think it is just because I was a kid and time seemed like it took forever. Now I used to fight back the fact that Christmas started right on the day after Thanksgiving but over the years black Friday started to become the unofficial start of the Christmas season. I am fine with now and even put up my lights that day but it seems crazy to start with Christmas stuff in early November. I have also seen that some places are going to open up on Thanksgiving night. Thanksgiving should be a day were people have off to relax and eat some food with family and friends . I understand if you work at a store that sells food or gas you might have to work on Thanksgiving but to make everyone come into work at stores and malls on that day in the evening is just kind of crazy. To be honest if this people are going to come into work so that some big companies can make money then people should start having the meal on the next day or Saturday. I should say I worked on Thanksgiving for a few years and I hated it but I was new and one of the only people there. Some people will always have to work but it seems like too many now have to. Oh yeah and if you start all your Christmas stuff now will you even be excited still on Christmas? 
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