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Mountain Men Season 3 on History
Having spent my whole life living in the city I’ve never really gone out into the world and roughed it. After catching a sneak peak of the NEW season of Mountain Men on History, which just so happens to premiere this Sunday, June 1st, at 9pm,  I was inspired to shed off my city trappings and live it up in the wilderness for one night. So I borrowed some camping supplies and set off to live a day in the life of a Mountain Man. Turns out once I figure out how to set-up a tent for the first time it wasn’t too bad; although, I did miss by bed and TV. 

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Memorial Day 5/23/14
    So this weekend is Memorial day and this is a day to remember the fallen men and woman who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Now you will hear a ton of stories and remembrance about a lot of people but I want to tell you about my buddy Brendan Looney. Looney and I went to high school together at DeMatha Catholic high school right outside DC. Brendan was a leader in high school and proved it time and time again and when he went to the Navy Academy and became a Navy Seal, I was not shocked. Today though I don't want to tell you about how he was a great leader and Seal, I want to tell how cool Looney was. He was one of us and at no point did he ever think he was above others or better because of things he had accomplished. Looney was a genuine good guy who made people happy to be around him and enjoy life. So here is my favorite Looney story from high school that I have shared with his family before. Keep in mind we were seniors in 1999 so this will sound dated, Looney was a wide receiver on the football team. Helmut's back then were not as good and some had this extra shell you had to put on top of them, some of you remember what I am talking about. So Looney has this big shell that goes on top of his helmet and the shell comes on and off. One day as I am sitting in a class who walks by the door but my bud Looney and then he disappears. About twenty seconds later he walks by again but this time with no helmet but just the shell on his head. I was laughing and watching him walk back and forth with that shell on made our day and his smile as we laughed is how I always remember my friend Brendan. So this weekend make sure you remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and honor them in your own way. Miss you brother and Go Stags
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Fed Up 5/16/14
    So this weekend I am going to see a movie called Fed Up. This is a documentary about how much added sugar is in our food. To be honest I think part of the movie is a lot of what we eat is not really food. Now as a fat guy I very interested in this movie and finding out what is really going on with our food. Part of the movie talks bout how the sugar industries have hooked us on sugar like a drug and maybe we have gone about treating obesity the wrong way. What if it was not as simple as fat people have poor self control and no will to change. We will bad for addicts on drugs or booze but seem to pick on fat people who might in the end just be as addicted to sugar as others are to drugs. Katie Couric is part of the movie and it is interesting to me someone like her has taken a stand and gone against some companies. I will say last year in our very own state we had legislation on the ballot to label food containing GMO's and out of state money paid a ton to fight it. Why would they not want you to know what's in the food? Say that line out loud and see if it makes sense to you. I do like going to see documentaries because they are a great look into stuff but often they make me mad. I have a feeling I am going to be real upset after this one.
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Two cites 5/15/14
    So I have lived in Seattle for almost ten years now and one thing I am always amazed by in the tale of two cites here. What I mean by the tale of two cites I am talking about how in the winter in Seattle when the days are short and dark people are in the house early. On the other hand in the spring and summer when the weather gets nice and the sun comes out people are out a lot later and having a blast which I am always happy to see. I am speaking for myself here but in the winter I feel like if I am not out by eight then I am not going out that night. I also know in the summertime that if I am not even going out till nine or sometimes ten. Places like golden gardens in Ballard is a perfect example, come summertime that place is rocking and rolling deep into the night. Gas works park is a spot I don't think I have ever even been to in the winter but when its summertime game on my friends. Grill's are getting fired up and they smell awesome and make you want to eat better as well. I offer you chicken and veggies you might not be fired up , but now I offer you grilled chicken and veggies off the hot grill you are in.  Get out there be active and get some good food in your belly. In just a few months it will be the fall but for now lets get summer going
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Sunshine and Seattle 5/13/14
    So today I am writing about this awesome weather because I always bring up the weather. What a great weekend I had last weekend for a Seattle person. As a transplant to this great city you have different times when you think you are becoming a Seattleite and sometimes it is just clear you are. So I was on The 206 last Saturday night after Saturday Night Live and from the time I got here everyone told me about Almost Live so it was a honor to work with those guys and Ken Jennings. Saturday was also a great day because I went to Puyallup to see my buddies kid and it was the first time I really drove around the south end and saw the commute a lot of people make everyday into Seattle. I also went to a party with some friends and had a great time and did what Seattle people do, had coffee and a little green. Being part of a community is awesome and I love the fact everyone is welcoming to me. Last night as I was cooking dinner and listening to a local band from Tacoma that I was realized I was a Seattleite and was happy about it. When I go home I stick out more and more but some of the reason I stick out are good things. Some people back home might take shots but I am learning from people and making changes for the better. One thing that always makes me feel good is the warm weather and the sun out because people in this city are sun worshipers when we see it. I now am at the point in my life where I like to walk in the sunny side of the street. I will say though I am still not a big fan of eating outside in the sun, drinking sure but eating not so much. Not to sure at this point where this blog is going but I know where I am going after work and that is for a walk in this sunshine. Fire up the grill and get outside in some sun my friends.
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Good Friends 5/8/14
    Today my blog might be a little sappy to some but I feel like it is important to have good friends. I bring this up because over the years I have had friends come and go and some stay by my side where I wanted them. Some of the friends I just stopped hanging out with and I think the reason might be surprising to some. Here is my thoughts on friends is that they should not always be on your side of things. That's right, your friends don't have to agree with you and should not always make you feel comfortable. I think the complete opposite and think that sometimes your friends should challenge you and make you better. Any relationship that just goes along and everyone stays the same does not seem good to me. I believe that people at the essence should stay the same but a lot of your life has to be constantly evolving and making changes for the better. If you have a friend who you just get drunk with and nothing else is that friend go for you? Are you good for each other or are you just stuck in a rut? I ask this because sometimes it is hard to tell a friend the truth and it is hard to hear the truth. Hell one of the first things about hearing the truth is you have to be open to it or you will just write that person off. I have a friend that challenges me constantly and sometimes I get so mad at him but when I step back and think about it he is only doing that because he knows I can be better. I for years was one of these people that bitched why is this or that not happening for me? What I am slowly realizing is I can't demand more out of life until I demand more out of myself. Like I said with friends, true good friends it can be hard for both but if you are both wanting a goal of being better people than the struggle is worth it. You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Thank you to all my friends out there, you know who you are
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