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Violence 9/16/14
    This weather just won't quit. Sun and 80's for months now and I hope you are still enjoying it since fall or autumn is just around the corner. I have been lacking a bit on the blog as summer gets busy and I am giving you bad excuses, my bad I will get back on it. I have also found that some of blog thoughts are easy to get out on my podcast Thee Podcast. One of the reasons I bring up Thee Podcast is because my co-host Cobb said a thing a few weeks ago we try to live by and that is "Come from a place of love, not fear." I thing today with all that is going on with the domestic violence discussion in the NFL and USA right now it is also to time to talk about violence in our society. We are a warring culture and rage war almost continuously for 15 years now. We also talk tough all the time to people and for some reason believe that violence is the answer. If you are in a bar and someone brushes by you and want to fight, then I know you are not smart. Street cred is another thing that is just a joke, you don't need it and at no point is your street cred going to get you that job. I often hear things like if I was him I would beat his ass, why? In all the fights these kind of angry upset people get in, they never win. Sure they are good street fighters and don't get beat up but within themselves is the real fight and they are losing badly. Violence in our system is OK to use sometimes but not others? Put me in the camp of non-violence movements and it should be a last resort. Sorry for the deep blog post but this last week has been a serious one.
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