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Thinking different 4/1/14

    Today is a sunny day so far and it got to thinking about what it is that makes me feel better. I like sun and I think it has been proven that sunny days can lift the mood of people especially here in the northwest. I also started thinking about what really makes me happy as opposed to what people tell me should make me happy. I see things and people doing things and I wonder if they are happy doing that or is it just what they think they should do. I thought for a while that I needed a woman in my life to make me happy but what if I was still not happy. I have never really had huge urges to have a wife and kids outside of thinking people will ask why I don't have wife at 33. See this is part of point is that at some point I had the urge to have a wife just because I was not strong enough to be alone. I have friends and good family with me so why should I relay on others for my happiness. I should say I had a girlfriend until a month ago, so like most white people I am going through changes and questioning things. On the topic of questioning things maybe we all should question more things in all aspects of our lives. One thing though I should warn you about though is as you questions things some people will not be happy to hear this. Sometimes people like how life is and don't want to upset it or change but evolving and change have to be present in your life to achieve more.  When I say achieve more I don't mean acquire more stuff to impress people but achieve more to make you happy and live up to your awesome potential. I am starting a long path of holding myself to a higher standard so that I can demand more out of life. Change also happens slowly not overnight so if don't beat yourself if you slip up along the way. I have to remind myself of that as well, good luck

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04/01/2014 2:44PM
Thinking different 4/1/14
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