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Though things we must face 2/19/14

    Sometime in life and honestly a lot of time in life it is hard. Now we all know this and accept it but for some reason so many of us still want to hide from our problems. I think most people know on some level what the problem is but yet they do not want to address the problem. The other thing that may shock you is if you do address the problem and have that conversation it might go better then you think and you might get a different reaction then you think. People like to bitch and everyone does it, it is part of being human but hiding from problems never helps anything. Also you have to be realistic about some problems as well. For me I know that I struggle with weight and have for years and will continue too. The point I am making is I can sit around blaming other and blaming food or I can as I have choose to do something about it. I can't really be upset about gaining a pound or two if I was eating burgers and fries for dinner. Other things in life as well we just have to confront them and see it though. As someone that for years used to run and hide trust me it does nothing and do sit around thinking about something that bugs and do nothing. Why let someone else win and control your head is just silly and just saying out loud that you are over something and your fine is a lie. Life can so tough sometimes but it is also a ton of great times, be you but be strong and face reality head on. Also don't let other define you, I work in radio I care what people think about me but I won't let it define me. 

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02/19/2014 2:00PM
Though things we must face 2/19/14
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