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Tiger 4/8/10

    Whats up blogger? So today is the start of the Masters golf  torneyment in Augusta GA. While may know or not know about the Masters before I garutee you know about it this year since Tiger Woods has become a lighting rod for a lot of media attion since he could not keep his junk in his pants. Look I do not like Tiger much as a person and think he should have just not gotten married or gotten a divorce instead of doing what he is doing but alas he did not. Now with all that said Sportscenter was killing me today. I don't need to see him on the putting green for 30 mins. Just show me sportscenter. Tiger and his wife are also yet another prime example of people getting what they wished for then relizeing it was not what they wanted. I don't think eithier of them was happy in that marrage but hey everyone wants to be married with there kids. Well you know what there are a lot of kids out there. Maybe we should start worrying about being happy and building heathy relitionships with someone or and this will blow your mind but what if you could excist on your own then found someone else to be with. Now with that said I like to go out a lot and party so I like being alone most nights. Holla

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04/08/2010 2:19PM
Tiger 4/8/10
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